Future beyond

Future Beyond




Future beyond is about revealing the history of the ultimate future of this world’s government and its civilizations. The core of our discussions here is on the most decisive and notable event in the history of creation referred to ‘’ day of the Lord’’ according to the scriptures.

They are more than 86 scriptures pointing to the ‘’Day of the Lord’’. Major Prophets and Minor Prophets in the Old Testament prophesied about the Day of the Lord. Even in the New Testament, Apostle Peter, Apostle Paul and Yeshua (Jesus Christ) spoke about that great day. Bible indicates a line up prophetic events that culminates the Day of the Lord. The Day of the Lord is a major prophetic event that will affect the lives of every human being on Earth and the earth itself. It is imperative that you understand the meaning of the Day of the Lord, its unarguable significance, and its place today and in our future. This historic event is the core message in the Bible. Most importantly, it constitutes the true gospel of the kingdom. It is actually the reason the world is the way it is today.