World History

World history

world history


At this time of great confusion and distress, nothing is more important to the study of how we got here, at this mess. History differs from myth in that it is supported by evidence. George Santayana said, ‘’ those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’’ History is memory and man without memory is reduced to bestiality – lower animal.

We cannot understand our world today without an accurate knowledge of how the world got here. Majority of the world’s population grapple in darkness and are deceived due to ignorance of their history. History informs us on how the past has shaped local, national and global relationship and connectivity between societies and people. It helps us to interpret events of today accurately. It helps us to understand and represent the past through narratives and the narrative that best explains an event as well as the importance of understanding different causes and effects. It provides us with perspective in the problems of the present. There is no effect without a cause and history helps us solve it. Nothing happens that has not its cause in the past history. Nothing happens by accident.

History informs us about our ancestors. We discovered how different our world today is from that of our ancestors due to technological and scientific advancements, yet as human beings we are still the same in our values, goals and desires. The past history of the passion of man does not change anytime you retell it. It remains the same.

We are today the summation history past and history future. You find who you truly are in the history of the world. This might be confusing to an ordinary person but it is the absolute truth. It is reality. What the ultimate end of this age holds is the reason our world is the way it is today. Wise men see the future history in the history past and that informs their decisions today. What we learn from the history past and apply today becomes our future history. The history past hastens to the history future on the wheels of present history. Alan Cohen once said that our history is not our destiny. But now I stand to say that our history (root) is our destiny. We are going forward to the past history which is referred to as prehistory. Prehistory is the shadow of this present world which is its reality. You definitely see the beginning and the end of this world in the shadow which is prehistory.

All creation, the world and its system (religious, political, economic, social) is a bundle of mystery. God is actually breaking to piece the ice at this time. I will say that a prophetic resurgence of the truth is breaking out. It is needed at a time as this. And the understanding of prehistory and history provides us with clues to cracking it and putting the piece together to get the whole picture. We pick clues here and there as the Holy Spirit directs from divine revelations, documents, artifacts, cuneiform, Egyptian, Phoenician writings as well as the Bible and other sources to get the true picture of things and the truth about God’s word and plan. It is like putting pieces of puzzles to fit in together for clear understanding. And that is the study of history.