Bible Prophecy

Bible Prophecy


Bible prophecy reveals the all you need to know about the future. It is only through Bible prophecy that we can understand our world. The Bible is the greatest book of history. No book is up to date as your bible. And prophecies were penned down for this time. It reveals the cause of present world conditions and where the world is headed. It is loaded with wisdom on how to run our affairs, from personal, business and family affairs to national/ global economic and foreign policy. Bible prophecy helps you to prepare for future events.

Most people do not understand bible prophecy.  Bible is like a jigsaw puzzle with so many pieces that must put together in a particular manner for the whole picture to make sense. WE ARE HERE TO PUT THEM TOGETHER WITH YOU. You can understand prehistory and history through the Bible!

We use Bible prophecy to understand our world because one third of the Bible is prophecy.  The bible contains 66 books, 18 books have the names of the Prophets on them. 1 Samuel prophesied the birth and the return of Yeshua (Jesus Christ). The other books in the New and Old Testaments have prophecies also. Then we have the book Daniel and of Revelation, which are basically prophecy.

The bible foretells future events. But a lot of people do not go there because they have not seen any reason to do so. Yeshua (Jesus Christ) was a Prophet.  He foretold future events which we refer to as end time events.  If you want to make it to the kingdom of Elohim, the Creator of the heavens and the earth in the afterlife, then you cannot ignore Bible prophecy. If you want to prepare for the future, you cannot ignore Bible prophecy.

Many Bible prophecies have already been fulfilled in the history of humanity. And, with so many negative events taking place, it is vitally important more than anything in this world to give prophet scriptures first class attention if you care enough for your future. Humanity is at the threshold of great waves of change globally and will affect the lives of every person on a scale never seen before. A great reset is upon us. And will definitely not last. It will collapse. What our Creator has said through prophecy is the way forward